Health insurance for green card holders senior citizen parents

  • The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) also known as Obama Care or Affordable Care Act (ACA), makes it mandatory for all US residents to have health insurance. This individual mandate has been repealed by the Trump administration. As of January 1st 2019, it is not mandatory anymore to have PPACA compliant insurance.
  • The ideal medical insurance for parents holding green cards will vary depending on the insured's age, the length of stay in the US, and the price you are willing to pay.
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  • Maximum coverage
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  • Maximum coverage
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Which category of Green card holder are you?


Immigrant Plans Long term Plans

Perfect for people planning on immigrating to US but not yet left their home countries

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Green Card Holders Frequently traveling overseas

Green card holders who travel frequently to their home country.


Green Card Holders permanently living in US

Compare Green card holder insurance plans who may not immediately qualify for US domestic health insurance.


Recent US Immigrants

New US immigrants who can be parents or family members or Fiancee (K visa) visitors.


Applied for Green Card and waiting

Parents who have applied for Green Card and are waiting for approval can buy these insurance plans.


Health insurance for green card holders senior citizen parents options

Renewal of medical insurance for green card holder senior citizen parents

Can buy health insurance for elderly Green card immigrant parents from a few days up to 5 years.

Health insurance for elderly immigrant parents purchasing options

Available as monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annual increments.

Buying health insurance for green card holders senior citizen parents eligibility

Health insurance for elderly immigrant parents available even 24 months after arriving in the US.

Interim health insurance while waiting for green card

Health insurance for green card holders senior citizen parents till they are eligible for domestic US health plans.

Green Card Holders Medical Insurance

Medical insurance for Green card holders less than 65 years:
In this situation, it might be most appropriate to buy short term Visitor insurance till you understand your domestic insurance option. You can compare and buy Visitor Insurance using our compare tool. If you are under the age of 65 or working in a corporate environment, it is best to get insurance through your employer. Alternatively you can buy the Blue Cross/Blue Shield insurance available in your state.

Health insurance for green card holders over 65 years:
If you are older than 65 years and a new immigrant, it is unlikely that you are immediately eligible for the Government Medicare program. This is available to US residents on reaching 65 years if they have paid US taxes for 40 quarters (minimum of 10 years). As a new immigrant, you will not be immediately eligible for Medicare for at least five years of continuous living in the US. However, we have health insurance for seniors with green card, new immigrants over 65 years can buy till they are eligible for Medicare. The most affordable Fixed benefits plan is Inbound Immigrant Insurance.
Pre-existing Condition Coverage
Insurance for green card holders

Green Card holder who live outside the US for a long period

Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) also popularly known as Obamacare, it is mandatory for all US residents (including Green card holders) to have health insurance, failing which they will have to pay a fine which increases annually. This mandatory insurance is however waived for those who have lived more than 330 days outside the country in a year. In this situation, where Green card holders usually live outside the US, and are visiting the country, they can purchase many of our visitor insurance plans. International Medical Group's (IMG's) Patriot America is an option if they have a permanent address outside the US. Alternatively, you can buy the Liaison Travel Elite Insurance offered by Seven Corners or the Visit USA or WorldMed plans offered by TravelInsure. The most affordable fixed benefits plan is the Inbound Immigrant which can be renewed for up to Five years.

Resourceful insurance information for green card holder Parents


Greencard holders insurance resources

International travel medical insurance resources for Greencard holders.

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Factors for greencard holders insurance

Important factors while deciding on the best travel insurance for greencard holders.

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Types of greencard holders travel insurance

Understanding different types of greencard holders medical insurance plans.

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Claims Procedure

Obama Care for Green Card holders

Obama Care makes it mandatory for all US residents to have health insurance. Please

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Resourceful medical insurance for green card holders information

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