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Does travel insurance cover Lost or Theft Passport coverage?


TCoverage for lost passport under visitor insurance offered by many insurance companies. The benefit details of lost passport could be varying from insurer to the other who offer visitor travel medical insurance plans. Travelers visiting a foreign country who are expecting their insurance plan to cover for lost passport can refer to this page and select a plan as per their requirement and buy online.

Lost Passport Coverage in Visitors Insurance

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International Medical Group Insurance Plans offering Lost or Theft Passport

1. Patriot America LiteComprehensive

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3. Patriot PlatinumComprehensive

  • Up to $500 per Period of Coverage
  • Patriot Platinum insurance covers covid illness
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TravelInsure Insurance Plans offering Lost or Theft Passport

General FAQ's

What is meant by co-insurance?

Co-Insurance: After paying the deductible, percentage or amount of covered expenses that the insured pays. For example, an insurance policy brochure may mention that the policy will pay 80% of the first $5,000 and 100% thereafter of the usual and customary charges; In some health insurance plans, it is also called "co-payment".

What is meant by deductible?

Deductible: Amount to be paid by the insured person before the insurance company begins to pay for the covered expenses. Deductible may be either per sickness/injury or once per policy period or once per year depending upon the insurance policy you purchase.

You will not get receive any reimbursement later from insurance company for the deductible you pay. e.g., Let us consider that you have purchased an insurance policy with a $50,000 policy maximum, $250 deductible per policy period and 80/20 co-insurance.

Suppose you incur a covered expense of $10,250; then the insurance company will pay the covered expenses according to policy terms after you make a a payment of the deductible (i.e. $250).

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