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Testimonial By RV - Cleveland
Hi American Visitor Insurance,

I was quite a skeptic when I called the toll free number on the American Visitor Insurance web site and had to leave a message. I thought I had just purchased the wrong visitor's insurance policy for my mother and wanted to clarify the benefit eligibility criteria. Though the purchase guaranteed a refund if canceled before the effective date, I would have been charged 25 dollars. My intention was not to cancel but the eligibility language was confusing and I did not want to end up with a defunct policy. Was I surprised! Not only was my call returned within the hour, I had an agent at the other end who was courteous and understanding, assuring me that he will make sure I get a full refund (from the underwriting company). He went the extra mile by contacting the underwriters of the policy to clarify the issue.In fact, it was a three way communication via phone and email, and I was very pleased by the professionalism and great customer service extended.
The coverage certificate was explained and I retained the policy.
I would definitely use the site to buy travel insurance for my next visitor from India.

Thanks again,
RV - Cleveland, Ohio


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