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Travel insurance for vacationing in Macau

Macau famously known as the "Las Vegas of Asia" attracts over 30 million tourists annually.While the bulk of the tourists are from mainland China and Hong Kong, Macau also gets tourists in large numbers from Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and the United States. Macau which was a Portuguese territory till 1999 displays these cultural influences, and has today reinvented itself as the entertainment center of Asia.As a gambling center, there are famous casinos like The Venetian Macao, Casino Lisboa, Sands Maca and Wynn Macau.Beyond casinos, there is the St. Paul's Cathedral or Mater Dei, which is Macau's best known landmark.Near St Paul's is Monte Forte which is a world heritage site and gives an insight to Portuguese and Dutch naval power of the 17th century.The Macau Tower is the loftiest building in Macau at 338 metres height and is sure to enthral tourists with its magnificent views.The aquarium at the city of Dreams is a popular attraction especially for children.
American and other international tourists coming to Macau should however buy good travel medical insurance.At American Visitor Insurance, international tourists can compare and understand different travel insurance options with ease.Our website offers facilities that help customers compare several insurance plans in an unbiased manner while understanding different benefit details in a transparent fashion.These tools help customers find the best travel medical insurance plan for their specific needs.

What is the best Macau travel insurance ?

This is a good question and American Visitor Insurance tries to answer for our customers. Given the different needs of different travelers there is not one policy that is always best for everyone.If you are a traveler with concerns about a pre-existing medical condition that cause an emergency, then you will be looking at different plans than someone without a life-threatening pre-existing condition. We endeavor to give our customer as much information as possible so they can find the Macau travel health insurance plan that is best for their needs.If you want some more guidance, please feel free to contact us and our licensed agents will help you!

How much is travel insurance for Macau?

The cost for the Macau travel insurance varies depending on the age of the traveler and the duration of coverage required. The older the traveler the higher is the cost. The longer the duration of Macau travel insurance required, the greater will be the cost. Our Macau travel insurance quote comparison facility lists the travel insurance that satisfy your requirements comparing them based on price and benefit.

Popular tourist destinations in Macau

Kun Iam Statue
Kun Iam Statue

Kim Iam statue is a 20 m tall bronze statue of Goddess of Mercy emerging from a lotus.

Hac Sa Beach
Hac Sa Beach

”Hac Sa” Beach, which literally means “Black Sand” is the largest natural beach situated in Coloane Island.

Fortaleza do Monte
Fortaleza do Monte

Fortaleza do Monte has historical cannons, barracks, cisterns and storehouses, used in significant historical battles.

Ruins of St. Paul’s
Ruins of St. Paul’s

It is important and age-old structure of Macau with a gigantic relic and a stairway that reflect the remains of the century-old Jesuit Church.

travel insurance for visiting Macau

Macau - General information

Macau Flag
map  Location


house  Capital

No Capital

language  Language

Chinese, Portuguese

currency  Currency

Macanese Pataca

population  Population

Around 6 Lakhs

calendar  Best time to visit

Oct to Dec

map  Vacation spots

Ruins of St Paul, Senado Square, Venetian Macau, A Ma Temple, Macau Fisherman's Wharf, Macau Tower, Kun Iam Statue.

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