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Travel tips for US citizens or US residents traveling to Trinidad and Tobago

  • US citizens can use the Smart Travelers Enrolment Program (STEP) program by registering their personal and travel information when they are travel overseas. This helps the US embassy to contact them in the event of an emergency.
  • Registering in the STEP program online is fairly simple.
  • Since US domestic health insurance plans including Medicare provides little to no health insurance cover outside US national borders, it is important that US citizens visiting Trinidad and Tobago buy proper travel medical insurance.
  • International travelers can easily compare and buy popular US travel medical insurance using our quote and benefits comparison tool.
  • Trinidad and Tobago travel insurance will help US travellers in case of a medical emergency outside the United States.
  • Some of the commonly used travel medical insurance benefits include coverage for hospitalization, emergency medical evacuation, accidental death and dismemberment (AD & D), repatriation of remains ... Visitor insurance with pre-existing conditions coverage is available in some plans.

Do I need travel insurance for Trinidad and Tobago?

Given the fact that US domestic health insurance provides little coverage in Trinidad and Tobago, and the relatively low cost of travel insurance for Trinidad & Tobago, it is important for international travelers to buy good travel insurance for visiting Trinidad and Tobago.

Which is the best travel insurance for Trinidad and Tobago?

Excellent question and we try hard to find the best answer to this question! Given the unique needs of different travelers there is not one Trinidad and Tobago travel insurance plan that is always the best for everyone. If you are a traveler with concerns about an existing medical conditions, then you will be looking at different plans as opposed to a different traveler without any life-threatening pre-existing condition. We endeavor to give our visitors as much information as possible so they can find the best Trinidad and Tobago travel insurance plan. Our travel insurance quote comparison tool helps travelers compare different visitor travel insurance plans based on price and coverages in an objective manner. If you want some more guidance, our licensed agents are here to help you with your choice!

Popular tourist destinations in Trinidad and Tobago

Maracas Bay in Trinidad and Tobago
Maracas Bay

Maracas Bay is one of Trinidad's most famous beaches. A deep bay protects this palm-fringed strip of golden sand, one of the most beautiful beaches close to the city.

Little Tobago Island in Trinidad and Tobago
Little Tobago Island

On the east end of Tobago, across from Speyside, Little Tobago Island is an uninhabited bird sanctuary with several kilometers of trails.

Pigeon Point in Trinidad and Tobago
Pigeon Point

This popular stretch of coral-sand coast requires an entrance fee and encompasses snack bars, shops, change rooms, and thatch-covered seating.

Nylon Pool in Trinidad and Tobago
Nylon Pool

The Nylon Pool is a natural, metre-deep crystal clear swimming pool with a sandy bottom in the middle of the sea created by an offshore sandbar and a still lagoon.

travel insurance for visiting Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago - General information

Trinidad and Tobago Flag
map  Location


house  Capital

Port of Spain

language  Language


currency  Currency

Trinidad and Tobago Dollar

population  Population

Around 1.365 million

calendar  Best time to visit

Jan to May

map  Vacation spots

Tobago, Trinidad, Port of Spain, Scarborough, San Fernando, Chaguaramas, Crown Point, Arima, Castara, Charlotteville.

Long stay Europe travel insurance for Trinidad and Tobago travelers

International travelers from Trinidad and Tobago do not need the Schengen Visa for visiting Europe up to 90 days. However if they want to travel, live, work, study or do business in Europe for a longer duration then they need the resident visa or national visa of that European nation. One document that is required while applying for the long term Europe residence permit is Europe travel insurance with a minimum of 30,000 Euros medical coverage, evacuation and repatriation coverage which is valid though out the entire stay in Europe. After buying adequate travel health insurance a Europe visa letter will be emailed to the customer that can be used while applying for this visa. The long stay Europe insurance Visa Letter indicates that the traveler is adequately insured for medical expenses, emergencies and hospitalization throughout the stay in Europe and is part of the Long stay in Europe visa application for Trinidad & Tobago travelers.

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