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Travel insurance for US citizens traveling to Germany

Willkommen in Deutschland!, Welcome to Germany! For many Americans who have German ancestry, travel to Germany is a discovery of their roots. Even for those without any German connections, modern day Germany has much very much to offer. There are the popular attractions, such as the Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria or the Berlin Wall. Visitors are also attracted by the picture-postcard small towns with half-timbered houses, the big city charm of Berlin, Frankfurt and Munich and the wealth of arts and culture. They are also amazed by the historical past, that comes alive in presence of delightful castles and palaces. Then of course there is German food, Creamy Sauerkraut, Bratwurst and local beer. This explains why nearly 2.5 million Americans visit Germany annually.

However, Americans vacationing in Germany should take care to buy proper travel medical insurance. Your health is not insured by your domestic US insurance, which does not travel with you beyond US borders. At American Visitor insurance, you can compare several different insurance plans from competing insurers to buy Germany travel insurance plan that best fits your needs.
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Do I need travel insurance for Germany?

If you are a US citizen or have a nationality that does not need the Schengen visa, then travel insurance to Germany is not necessary. However travel insurance for Germany from USA is required for a long term stay (over 90 days) in Europe . Also, given the high cost of health care in Germany and the fact that US domestic health insurance including Medicare provides little coverage in Germany, it is important for international travelers to buy online travel insurance for Germany.

Which is the best travel insurance for Germany from USA?

Excellent question and we try hard to find the best answer to this question! Given the unique needs of different travelers there is not one Germany travel insurance plan that always works best for everyone. If you are a traveler with concerns about an existing medical conditions, then you will be looking at different plans as opposed to a different traveler without any life-threatening pre-existing condition. We endeavor to give our visitors as much information as possible so they can find the best Germany travel insurance plan. Our travel insurance quote comparison tool helps travelers compare different German visa travel insurance plans based on price and coverages in an objective manner. If you want some more guidance, our licensed agents are here to help you with your choice!

Information for US Students going to Germany

As the cost of education in the US is very high and Germany offers education without tuition fees, many US students are applying to colleges and universities to get degrees here without spending too much. Every year more than 12,500 US students are going to Germany for studies. The cost of living is affordable in Germany making it a financial advantage. Germany is one of the top places to study among US student for many reasons. It has many top ranked universities, wide range of courses, low or no tuition fees, guaranteed work opportunities even on a student visa. Being centrally located within Europe one can easily travel across different European countries. Germany offers excellent study programs that are globally recognized, while also providing a great chance to learn German. All of these factors make Germany a popular international student destination.
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Long term Germany visa insurance

US nationals who intend to stay in Europe for over 90 days need to apply for the Long Term Europe visa. One of the requirements to be issued this visa is to have adequate travel health insurance with a minimum coverage of 30,000 Euros. The travel insurance document is required while applying for the Long term Europe visa.

The travel insurance plans that satisfy this Long term Europe visa needs as dictated by the Schengen country consulates are very affordable and can be easily bought online. Compare Popular travel health insurance plans for long term Europe Visa.
Globehopper travel insurance for older US travelers

Emergency Medical Evacuation for travel to Germany

Emergency medical evacuation insurance commonly called “Medevac insurance” are popular among US citizens travelling to Germany offer coverage for expenses arising from international security evacuation, medical evacuation and repatriation.
The Atlas Medevac insurance from Tokio Marine offers coverage for emergency medical evacuation.

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Intermedical medical Evacuation

Does Medicare cover medical costs for US citizens travelling to Germany?

Travel insurance plans for older US travelers with Medicare coverage

US senior citizens with Medicare need international travel insurance as Medicare offers limited or no coverage outside USA. Travelling overseas involves risks especially for older travelers and costs of medical evacuation and health care outside the United States is expensive. Buying Medicare Supplemental international Travel insurance coverage for older US travelers is strongly recommended.


Travel health insurance for older US travelers (65+ years) visiting Germany

It is wonderful to see so many older Americans traveling to Germany. However while visiting Germany is exciting, US citizens should realise that Medicare and its supplements provide very little coverage outside US borders. There is a travel health insurance plan specifically designed for older American travelers. Indianapolis based International Medical Group (IMG) offers GlobeHopper Senior as an affordable overseas travel medical insurance option for US citizens and US permanent residents 65 years and older. The GlobeHopper Senior plan is available either as the GlobeHopper Single-Trip plan for coverage from 5 days to 365 days, or as a GlobeHopper Multi-trip plan which covers 12 months with a maximum of 30 days per each overseas trip. The GlobeHopper Senior plan is very popular since it provides coverage of $1 million up to the age of 79 years and $100,000 for travelers more than 80 years old. The plan includes $2,500 cover for sudden unexpected recurrence of a pre-existing condition and $25,000 for emergency medical evacuation.
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Do US citizens need visa to visit Germany?

Schengen visa information for US citizens and US residents (Non US citizens) traveling to Germany

A US citizen can visit Germany and other Schengen countries for up to 90 days without the Schengen visa.
Germany visa travel insurance requirements:
  • A valid US passport with at least 3 months validity even after leaving Germany.
  • Valid reason of travel.
  • Financial resources for travel and stay in Germany.

Non US citizens residing in USA visiting Germany and other Schengen states

Most Non US citizens need the Schengen visa to visit German. Please check if you are in the list of Nationalities who need Schengen visa. Non US residents residing in US and visiting Germany for short term may have to possess the US resident status like the Green card, valid US visa, copy of valid I-20 or valid I-AP66, visas. This status must be valid for a minimum of 3 months even after you depart from Germany.

How long can an American stay in Germany?

Travel insurance for long term stay in Germany for more than 90 days

You need to apply for residence permit for staying more than 90 days in Germany. Long term German visa has pre-requisites like the medical insurance coverage of 30,000 Euros. You can check the German embassy or consulate website for more information.
Be prepared for delayed processing of your visa during the peak winter and summer season when travellers across the world visit Germany in large numbers.

Long term German Visa Insurance

US citizens who want to stay in any of the 25 Schengen countries for more than 90 days in a 180 day period need a Long Stay Visa. One of the requirements for this visa is proof of medical insurance with medical expenses coverage up to €30,000 (or the equivalent in US dollars) which is valid during the whole stay in the Schengen countries. The insurance company should provide a visa letter stating coverage amounts for medical expenses, emergency medical evacuation and repatriation while in Europe (or 'unlimited' if there is no limit of coverage).

Long term German Visa Insurance

Long stay Germany visitor visa insurance is available for visitors staying up to a year. Whether living in Germany for professional purposes, visiting family, on a private visit or to study, we have long term German visa insurance that caters to all the insurance requirements. The insurance plans for the long stay tourist visa in Germany offer a minimum coverage up to € 30,000 with $0 deductible, emergency medical evacuation and repatriation coverage while in Germany.
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Popular tourist destinations in Germany

The Brandenburg Gate
The Brandenburg Gate

Berlin's most famous historic landmark is the Brandenburg Gate, once a symbol of a divided nation and now a symbol of unity and peace.

Tierpark Hagenbeck
Tierpark Hagenbeck

The city's zoo, was established in 1907 to house a collection of exotic animals owned by a local fishmonger, Carl Hagenbeck.


Also known as the King's Lake.This lovely Bavarian lake is one of the great beauty spots of the region known as Berchtesgadener Land.

Sanssouci Park and Palace
Sanssouci Park and Palace

The Palace with huge park and many works of art like exquisite Chinese House, an extremely elaborate garden pavilion, and a wonderful Roman Baths complex.

travel insurance for visiting Germany

Germany - General information

Germany Flag
map  Location

Western Europe

house  Capital


language  Language

German, English, French

currency  Currency


population  Population

Around 82 million

calendar  Best time to visit

March to May, late October to November.

map  Vacation spots

Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, Cologne, heidelberg, Hanburg, Black forest, Potsdam, Koblenz, Passau.

Popular River Cruises in Germany

Trip Cancellation insurance for Cruise travel or vacation

Trip cancellation insurance only offer coverage for trip investment expenses, but also cover medical expenses while on a cruise trip. In case a traveler missed a cruise because a flight was delayed, or had to cancel a cruise vacation because he/she fell sick or for any other reason. The Trip Cancellation insurance will cover non-refundable trip investment expenses. It will also cover medical expenses while the traveler is on the cruise, such as falling sick and needing medical assistance. Some cruises have medical treatment facilities to treat minor injuries, however if the injury or sickness is severe the traveler may be asked to get off the ship at the nearest port to get immediate medical care. If adequate healthcare treatment is not available at the place you got off the cruise, then you may have to get transported or evacuated to the nearest hospital, the trip protection insurance would cover these expenses

Trip insurance plans that are ideal for cruise travel

Seven corners   Round Trip Insurance

  • Covers medical expenses up to $250,000
  • Medical evacuation up to $1 million
  • Covers pre-existing conditions
  • Missed connection up to $1,500. Pays additional transportation costs to join your cruise or tour if you miss your connection due to a delay of 3 or more hours. Also covers accommodations, meals, and non-refundable trip payments for the unused portion of the cruise or tour.

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Seven corners   iTravelInsured Trip insurance

  • Covers medical expenses up to $100,000
  • Medical evacuation up to $1 million
  • Search and rescue up to $10,000
  • Missed connection up to $500

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Germany travel insurance Claims Procedure

Germany travel insurance online claims process for getting medical care in a hospital.

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