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Thanks to the amazing growth in the technology, we live in a global village, where travel across the world has become easier and diverse cultures are living together. As a result the number of people traveling outside their home country has increased exponentially in the 21st century. We now see that a lot of people who have settled abroad, where they have found their dream job and have achieved success in their careers, but are living far away from their families who remain in their home country. The United States along with other developed European nations are the countries that attracts most of these educated global professionals.

In this globalized world with families spread across the globe, it is natural for grand-parents and parents wanting to visit their children and grand-children to spend time with them. International travel for these older family members, quite often to the US or Europe is naturally exciting where one gets to meet family members as well as seeing a new country. International travel however can be difficult for older travellers as it comes with long air travel, different weather conditions, different language and culture. Buying travel insurance however does not have to be onerous. Visitor travel Insurance protects the traveller from unexpected incidents which needs medical attention so the visitor can travel worry free.

Visitor health insurance plans are classified either as Fixed benefits/scheduled benefit plans or as Comprehensive travel insurance plans. Fixed benefit plans are not recommended since in most cases they are limited and not flexible in their benefits. They are however priced cheaper and work well for very minor medical expenses. Comprehensive visitor insurance plans on the other hand are recommended as they are exhaustive and flexible with their coverage. Travel Insurance plans do not cover preventive care, and have limited coverage for the acute onset of the pre-existing conditions. Fixed plans and some of the comprehensive plans provide acute onset coverage for pre-existing ailments up to the age of 70 while some comprehensive plans extend this coverage even for older travellers beyond 70 years.

Apart from medical care, travel insurance also provide coverage for emergency medical evacuation, repatriation, hospital indemnity... It is important for visitors to read the policy brochure before buying a plan to make sure that the specific coverage that you feel is important is covered adequately. Some of these plans also provide good coverage for some hazardous sports activity.

Atlas America, Atlas Premium America, Patriot America, Patriot America Plus, Liaison Travel plans, Safe Travels USA Comprehensive, Safe Travels USA...are some of the popular comprehensive visitor insurance plans. These travel Insurance plans are by reputed US insurance companies like Tokiomarine HCC, International Medical Group, Seven Corners, Trawick International and Global Underwriters. These companies work with known provider networks like First Health PPO, Coventry Healthcare, United Healthcare, Multiplan...

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