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Travel insurance for visiting Ireland

Long term Europe visa insurance for Ireland

Travelers who wish to live, work, study or do business in Ireland for a long duration have to apply for resident visa or national visa of Ireland. One of the necessary documents that they need while applying for long term Europe residence permit is adequate travel medical insurance with a minimum of 30,000 Euros travel insurance coverage, evacuation and repatriation coverage which must be valid though out the entire duration of stay in Ireland. The long term Europe travel insurance plans are affordable and can be purchased easily once you choose the one that's right for you. Compare popular travel health insurance plans for long term Europe Visa and buy online.

US travelers visiting Ireland

There were over 1.5 million visitors from the United States and Canada to Ireland out of a total of 8.5 million international tourists. Thanks to improved air connectivity, traveling to Ireland has become hassle free. Traveling to Ireland often is a way to explore ones roots for many Americans. Ireland has much to offer in terms of tourism thanks to its scenic coastline, pretty villages and towns along the shore. The main cities of Dublin, Cork, Limerick and Galway also attract tourists in large numbers. The country charms its tourists thanks to the beautiful countryside, excellent meals which are very affordable in its very many pubs. Ireland is also renowned for its castles many of which have turned into luxury hotels. You can find deals in these hotels if you visit the less touristy regions. It is a good idea to avoid visiting the country during the peak tourist seasons of July and August when it both crowded and expensive.

However US travellers visiting Ireland should be prudent and buy cheap travel insurance for Ireland. Even though health care is not as expensive as in the US, US domestic health insurance plans will not cover Americans outside their national borders. At American visitor insurance, customers can compare different insurance plan to buy the travel Insurance Ireland that best suits your needs. US travellers can buy trip insurance, which insures the airline tickets and hotel reservations, while also buying travel health insurance to insure the health of the traveller while outside the US.

Popular tourist destinations in Ireland

Bunratty Castle
Bunratty Castle

The castle is the best-preserved medieval fortress in Ireland and was lovingly restored in the 1950s.

Muckross House Gardens
Muckross House Gardens

The eye-catching 19th-century Victorian mansion, is a magnificent lakeside setting in Killarney National Park surrounded by sumptuous gardens and parkland.

Rock of Cashel
Rock of Cashel

Ireland's most visited heritage site, the Rock of Cashel, stars in countless images of the Emerald Isle.

Ring of Kerry
Ring of Kerry

The area of astounding natural beauty of outdoor pursuits including golf, beaches, horse-riding, and terrific freshwater fishing and deep-sea angling.

Other popular cities:  Dublin
travel insurance for visiting Ireland

Ireland - General information

Ireland Flag
map  Location

Western Europe

house  Capital


language  Language

English, Irish, Hiberno-English

currency  Currency


population  Population

Around 4.8 million

calendar  Best time to visit

Mar to May, Sep to Nov

map  Vacation spots

Dublin, Galway, Cork, Killamey, Kilkenny, Dingle, Blarney, Aran Islands, Sligo, Kinsale, Dingle Peninsula, Doolin, Howth, Limerick.

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Travel insurance Ireland resources

International travel insurance resources for Ireland visa holders.

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Important factors while deciding on the best travel insurance to Ireland.

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Types of Ireland travel insurance online

Understanding different types of Ireland visa travel insurance options.

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Claims Procedure

Ireland travel insurance Claims Procedure

Ireland travel insurance online claims process for getting medical care in a hospital.

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Travel health insurance information

International travel Insurance for Ireland residents

Irish travellers to USA

The United States is an exciting destination for Irish travellers. There are several family ties thanks to the large number of Irish migrants to the US in the 19th and 20th century. There are many US cities such as Boston which have large Irish populations. Beyond the big cities, small town America and its many national parks is very attractive for tourists who enjoy nature and want to get away from urban centers.

However Irish tourists visiting the US should buy proper travel health insurance given the very high cost of US healthcare. Visiting the US is great fun, but being forced to go to an American hospital without any health insurance is financially catastrophic. You can compare different visitor insurance plans, understand the different options available and make an informed choice when you buy the travel health plan that best suits your needs and budget.
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Do I need travel insurance for Ireland?

Given that the cost of health care in Europe is very expensive, travel medical insurance for Ireland is strongly recommended. Citizens of most countries including US citizens visiting or living in Europe for more than 90 days in Ireland have to apply for Long term Europe visa. One of the requirement for applying for long term Europe visa for Ireland is adequate travel insurance of 30,000 euros maximum, therefore it is important for international travelers to buy good travel insurance for visiting Ireland.

Which is the best travel insurance for Ireland?

We have four companies that we recommend for visiting Ireland, specifically if you need a letter in order to get your travel to Europe visa. The price will depend on the age(s) of the travelers and the length of travel insurance coverage. We have developed a Ireland travel insurance comparison tool which lists eligible plans based on price and benefits to help travelers visiting Ireland choose the plan that is most economical and appropriate for their needs. Compare and buy Ireland travel medical insurance.

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