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Best travel insurance for visiting Angola

Popular tourist destinations in Angola

The Tunda Vala Fissure
The Tunda Vala Fissure

The Tundavala Fissure is one of the most spectacular natural sights in Angola. It can be found between the cities of Lubango and Namibe at an elevation of 2,600m above sea level.

Dala Waterfalls
Dala Waterfalls

The Dala Waterfalls are about 60m high and conjure a spectacular scene with the mist and spray created from the crashing of the water on the rocks below.


Luanda certainly has its charms and is another side to Africa that is worth experiencing. The beautiful Atlantic Ocean views are disrupted by busy ships.

Dilolo Lake
Dilolo Lake

It is the largest lake in the country and serves as an important tourist spot. The lake is teeming with wildlife including rare bird species and aquatic life.

travel insurance for visiting Angola

Angola - General information

Angola Flag
map  Location

Southern Africa

house  Capital


language  Language

Portuguese & Bantu

currency  Currency

Angolan kwanza

population  Population

Around 28 million

calendar  Best time to visit

May to October

map  Vacation spots

Luanda, Lubango, Quiçama National Park, Benguela, Lobito, Malanje, Namibe, Huambo, Iona National Park, Soyo, Kilamba, Kuito, Humpata.

Travel insurance Angola information


Travel insurance Angola resources

International travel insurance resources for Angola visa holders.

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Factors for travel insurance Angola online

Important factors while deciding on the best travel insurance to Angola.

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Types of Angola travel insurance online

Understanding different types of Angola visa travel insurance options.

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Claims Procedure

Angola travel insurance Claims Procedure

Angola travel insurance online claims process for getting medical care in a hospital.

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Travel health insurance information

International travel Insurance for Angola residents

Schengen visa insurance for Angola residents visiting Europe

Travel Insurance is mandatory while applying for the Schengen visa which allows you to travel to 26 countries in Europe. The Schengen state consulates have guidelines for the insurance which satisfy visa requirements. Coverage for emergency cases, hospital stays, evacuation is a minimum requirement that can put your mind at ease when you are in a foreign country with many unknown factors related to medical affairs of that country. We have several plans for people all over the world visiting European countries which satisfy Schengen visa requirements. Nationalities who require Schengen visa

Schengen visa insurance requirements

  • Medical coverage of at least 30,000 Euros (about $50,000 USD)
  • A repatriation benefit.
  • An emergency medical evacuation benefit.
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Which is the best travel insurance from Angola to Europe ?

We have different well known US insurance companies that we recommend for Europe travel, specifically if you need a letter in order to get your Europe visitor visa. The Europe travel insurance cost will depend on the age(s) of the traveler. There is one plan Atlas International Insurance that offers best travel insurance from Angola to Europe We have designed our website to help customers choose the exact plan that is most economical and appropriate for them. You can compare Europe travel insurance quotes by filling the travel dates and travelers ages in this form on our website.

How much does Angola travel insurance cost ?

The cost of Angola travel insurance will depend on (1) where you are traveling to (coming to the US is more expensive than going anywhere else), (2) your age, and usually (3) the length of your trip. Within those parameters, if you are traveling to the US, you can choose an economical fixed plan or a more expensive, but complete comprehensive plan. A fixed plan is a lower cost plan because it only covers a set amount for each medical expense. The downside is that you only know what the insurance company will pay on your behalf; you may owe a little or a lot -- it will all depend on how much, specifically, for each service, you are charged. Someone in their thirties will pay about $40 per month for a fixed plan or $60 for a comprehensive plan if traveling to the US. That same person would only pay $30 for a comprehensive plan to go to Europe.

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