International Medical Group (IMG)s Visitors Care fixed benefits plan vs IMG’s Patriot comprehensive visitor insurance plan

Visitors care vs patriot travel
This plan is available for Non US citizens traveling outside their home country. This plan specifies the amount of limits for every benefit like a typical fixed plan. This insurance plans does not have a co-insurance associated with it. This plan offers acute on set of pre-existing coverage up to the plan maximum under 70 years. This plan is purchased for a minimum of five days and can be renewed for up to 2 years. This plan has a policy maximum options available are $25,000, $50,000 and $100,000.This visitor insurance product does not have a co-insurance associated with it.

Patriot America Plus is a comprehensive visitor health insurance plan by IMG. Non US citizens traveling outside US qualify to buy this insurance product. This plan has flexible coverage compared to Visitors Care plan and is helpful in major medical expense. This comprehensive visitor medical insurance does not limit the pre-existing condition only for heart related problems unlike the Visitors Care plan. There is a co-insurance factor applicable for the first $5000 of the incurred expense and after which the insurer pays 100%. Within the PPO network, the co-insurance is 10% and outside the PPO network the co-insurance is 20%. Optional riders like adventure sports rider, evacuation plus rider, citizenship rider…are available with this comprehensive travel insurance product.

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