Patriot Exchange student insurance vs Student Health Advantage student plan

There are many international students in the US either without proper US student medical insurance, or with F1 student health insurance that does not cover Covid 19. At American Visitor Insurance, we are committed to getting you the best Covid19 international student health insurance in USA for Coronavirus coverage. Earlier students had to buy affordable care act, ACA (Obamacare) compliant medical insurance. However recent changes by the US government has removed this requirement and international students can buy affordable health insurance for international students studying in the USA offered here without violating any US government requirements. There are few Covid 19 international student health insurance USA plans:

International Medical Group Covid19 health insurance plans for international students in the US:

The International Medical Group offers affordable student health insurance coverage for Covid19 medical expenses. Their popular Covid19 International student health insurance plans that offer coverage for medical expenses from coronavirus are
International students can compare cheap health insurance for international students in USA for Covid19 and find the best student travel insurance for international students with Covid coverage that fit their needs.
There are also many F1 visa international students currently stranded in the US who are not enrolled in any classes. In this situation international students are not limited to buying USA student health insurance and can buy short term US visitors medical insurance. The visitors health insurance plans are cheaper and ideal for international students in the US while they are not enrolled in classes. International students can review and visitors insurance USA and find Covid 19 student travel insurance USA coverage that fit your needs.
Please know we are here to help you make the best, informed decision to get international students in usa Covid-19 insurance plans! Let us know how we can assist you. Feel free to contact us by email or phone at any time.
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Patriot Exchange vs Student Health Advantage

IMG Patriot Exchange Insurance vs Student Health Advantage Insurance

Patriot Exchange Insurance is a plan from IMG (International Medical Group), which is designed for international students and scholars coming to the US. International students come to the US on F1 Student visa while research scholars, professors and exchange visitors come to the US on the J1 Visa. J1 Visa holders also come to participate in programs that promote cultural exchange and to get medical and business training in the US. J1 visa holders are required according to the US immigration authorities to have J visa insurance. International students on the F1 Visa who are enrolled in an US University usually need to have a health insurance plan according to University rules. This student plans must satisfy rules and requirements that the University states. The University will have a health insurance plan that they recommend to students, or in some cases allow students buy private health insurance plan as long as it satisfies certain requirements. Students may also have their own unique requirements from the plan and each individual might need a particular benefit to be available on the plan. In this situation, it is a good idea to find student insurance plans online from reputed US companies.

IMG Coronavirus Student health insurance:

International Students can buy Student Health Advantage and Patriot Exchange from IMG for international student insurance coverage for Covid illness.

Patriot Exchange student health insurance plan has been designed keeping the US Universities and their requirements for F1 and J1 Visa holders in mind. This plan satisfies typical university F1 and US immigration authorities J1 Visa requirements. This plan is unique when compared to other student plans, as it also allows the F2 and the J2 visa holders (dependants of F1 and J1 visa holders) to buy the plan without the F1 and J1 being on the plan respectively.

The plan allows a maximum coverage starting from $50,000, $100,000, $250,000 and $500,000 with a lifetime maximum of $5000, 000. This is a per injury sickness plan. In a per injury sickness plan, the deductible is charged every time there is an expense is incurred for a new sickness. Another aspect with a per injury sickness plan is that the policy maximum amount will be reset to the same amount after an expense is incurred. There is no co-insurance with this plan.

This plan covers all the requirements such as evacuation, repatriation…listed in the brochure of the plan. But this plan does not cover maternity and preventive care.

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Student Health Advantage is another student plan from IMG that is designed to the needs of international students coming to the US for higher education. It meets the J1 visa requirements and is also suitable for F1 Visa holders and their dependents. There are two types of Student health advantage plans namely Standard and Platinum.

The Standard plan has a maximum limit of $500,000 for the student and $100,000 for their dependent per period of coverage. The per injury illness maximum for this plan is $300,000 for student and $100,000 for their dependent. The deductible is $100 per injury and sickness. With this plan, outside the US, there is no co-insurance and within PPO network within the US, there is no co-insurance. Outside of the PPO network and within the US there is an 80% co-insurance that is applicable for the first $5000 of the expense incurred.

The Platinum plan has a maximum limit of $1,000,000 for the student and $100,000 for their dependent per period of coverage. The per injury illness maximum for this plan is $500,000 for student and $100,000 for their dependent. The deductible amount works a little different from the standard plan. The deductible for the expense incurred outside of the US is $25. Within the US and with a PPO provider, the deductible is $25 and for a Non PPO provider, the deductible is $50. This is a per injury illness deductible. The co-insurance works the same way as in the Standard plan. Platinum plan provides coverage for Maternity and new born care which is not available in the Standard plan. Both the standard and the platinum plans cover Sports, mental health... Both the plans also cover acute onset of pre-existing conditions. The standard plan has a 12 month waiting period for coverage of pre-existing conditions and the Platinum plan has 6 month waiting period for coverage of pre-existing conditions.

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Compare the benefits of Patriot Exchange and Student Health Advantage and select a plan that best satisfies your needs.

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