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International medical group Student health advantage insurance
One of the important high priority things to students coming to the US is health insurance plan to cover them in US during their stay in the US. International students from outside come to study in a number of US Universities on F1 Visa. Sometimes we have the F2 Visa holder who is the spouse of F1 accompany their spouse to the US. The catch is to find the right insurance plan that fulfills their needs and satisfies any University requirement that is mandatory. Most of the student plans cover some of the basic benefits such as hospital indemnity, outpatient services, prescription drugs, mental health… There are some specific requirements such as maternity, preventive care, wellness checkup which are offered by some specific plans.

Student Health Advantage Insurance offers international student insurance coverage for Covid illness for students studying outside their home country.

IMG Student Health Advantage plan from the company IMG(International Medical Group) includes most of the benefits mentioned above except preventive care and wellness checkup. Most of the US Universities agree for this insurance plan and it is one of the popular student plans purchased by F1 Visa holders and their dependents. Since this plan covers maternity, it is preferred by students whose spouses are thinking to get pregnant. There is a 12 month waiting period with this plan to cover pre-existing condition. This plan also includes coverage for sports. Other than the Student Health Advantage Standard plan this plan has a Student Health Advantage Platinum plan Quotes option that provides enhanced benefits.

Compared to the Patriot Exchange which is another popular student plan popular among the plans for J Visa holders as well from the same insurer IMG, Student Health Advantage plan provides additional benefits like coverage for Maternity, Sports, Mental Health and substance.


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