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USA is one of the most popular and favorite tourist destinations in the world. The country has seen a significant rise in the arrival of international visitors during the past two decades from around 40 million in 2003 to close to 80 million in 2018. The immediate neighbors Canada (21 Million) and Mexico (18 million) account for nearly half of all inbound visitations to the US. The other countries with the highest number of US visitors are the United Kingdom (4.6 million) , Japan (3.5 million), China (2.9 million) , South Korea (2.2 million) , Brazil (2.2 million) , Germany (2 million) , France (1.7 million) , India (1.3 million) , Australia (1.3 million) and Italy (1.0 million).

While visiting the US can be a wonderful experience, tourists must be aware of expensive US healthcare costs. A sudden sickness or injuries due to accident can force travelers to visit a physician or a hospital which can be financially traumatic if they do not have travel insurance for USA. While the medical treatment in the US is best and sophisticated, it is also very expensive. When compared to other countries, the cost of visiting a physician in the US is very high. Therefore it is advisable to buy adequate and good travel medical insurance to USA.

US Health Care costs
The Trump administration has issued a proclamation that from November 2019, the US government will insist on adequate US immigrant health insurance without which immigrant visas to enter the US will be denied. While this rule is applicable only for those applying for immigrant visas, we are getting customer calls that the US consulates are insisting on proof of short term travel health insurance for visitors to USA. Given the very high cost of US healthcare, it is strongly recommended to buy proper US travel health insurance even while visiting the US for a short visit.

US bound travelers can buy US travel health insurance on American visitor insurance and they will receive a policy immediately by email. They can use this travel insurance document as proof of US health insurance while applying for the visa.

Buying good travel insurance for visiting USA

plan coverage

Plan Maximum

This is the maximum coverage that the travel would offer for the expenses. There are 2 types of plan here, Fixed benefit and Comprehensive benefit insurance. Fixed benefit insurance that are inexpensive offer coverage with pre-defined limits while comprehensive benefits insurance which are expensive offer coverage up to plan maximum. We usually recommend travelers to buy comprehensive benefits plans as the travelers need not pay much after buying travel medical insurance to USA.



Most travel insurance have deductible, which is the initial amount that the insured has to pay before the plan begins to pay. Higher the deductible amount, lower the premium amount would be. It is advisable to buy a lower deductible plan as the insured would have to pay less in the US.



It is a part of the expense that the insured pays and the remaining would be paid by the Insurance company. This is usually 80-20%...


Provider Network (PPO)

Buy a travel insurance for USA that has a good PPO network. This is because when the traveler visits a doctor or hospital within the network, the insurance plan would pay for the expenses and it would be cashless while out of network, the coinsurance would be high, and the insured would have to pay more. More details

Is US travel health insurance worth the cost?

Should you ever have medical costs while traveling, certainly you would consider the cost of the insurance was worth the price you paid for it. Most trips end without incident, and so your purchase may be a “disappointment”. And yet, you must consider that your peace of mind for yourself or your loved ones would be well served by a simple policy.

US Tourist insurance for different US Visa types

To enter USA, there are different Visa categories depending the type of traveler, be it for work, study, business or vacation. These visa's are valid for multiple visits during a specified time period. Find out the different visas issued for visiting or immigrating to the US.

  • Non US citizens in the USA with tourist visa are ineligible for domestic health insurance in the USA.
  • The safest way to secure oneself is buying insurance. These plans are useful for vacationers to cover medical expenses.
  • Customers can compare plans and buy the right plan that best suits one's requirements.
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  • A fiancée coming to the USA (man or woman) from a foreign country require K1 visa which also called as fiancée visa.
  • The insurance providers offer medical insurance for fiancées who come to the US with K1 visa permit.
  • K1 visa insurance covers the insured for medical costs incurred in case of an medical emergency.
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  • An immigrant is someone who is not a U.S. citizen but has been authorized to permanently live and work in the United States.
  • According to current American immigration law new immigrants will be eligible for domestic health insurance coverage only after five years stay in the USA
  • Immigrants can compare insurance plans online before buying them.
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