Round Trip International trip protection insurance plan

Round trip International Insurance for Non US citizens
There are plenty of amazing destinations around the world that people would want to visit during their lifetime. Others might want to travel overseas either for work or to visit friends and family. Given the access to information and the technology available it is not difficult anymore to plan an international trip. Everything you need is available on the internet. The most important and crucial requirement that people planning a trip are concerned is adequate travel insurance. Travel insurance is a crucial requirement that can save you a lot of money in the event that something goes wrong or something unexpected occurs during your trip. Commonly known as the trip insurance, these plans provide coverage for trip delay, trip cancellation, trip interruption, missed connection…which helps you protect and recover your trip expenses. These plans also provide emergency medical evacuation, medically necessary repatriation, emergency medical accident and sickness expense, personal liability...

Let's talk about trip insurance plans as they are different from short term travel health insurance plans which are medical or health insurance plans but have little to no cover for your trip related expenses.

Many insurance companies advertise their trip plans on the internet and are easily available online. There is no need to wait to receive the documents. It is instantaneous as the purchase is done online and the documents are made available in the confirmation email after the successful transaction. US private insurance companies provide excellent trip insurance plans for people traveling around the globe.

Till a short time back these companies had trip insurance plans for US residents only who were traveling outside the US. Recently, a new plan called Round trip international has been introduced by Seven Corners which is available for Non US residents and non US citizens traveling outside their home country. This insurance plan has all the above mentioned benefits. This plan has a trip cancellation benefit of up to $30,000 and the 100% trip interruption coverage is available. Most importantly this plan is available for Non US residents and Non US citizens traveling outside their home country. This particular feature will make this plan very popular among all the trip insurance plans as it is available for a wider group of people.

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