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Travel insurance for visiting Washington DC

Visitors in Washington DC - The Capital of the United States.

Washington D.C. (District of Columbia) , popularly known as DC, is a very attractive tourist destination both for Americans and for foreign visitors. It is the seat of power in the United States and is home to the US President at the White House. Washington D.C. also is home to all three branches of the US government, namely the Congress, the President and the Supreme court. The city also has the Smithsonian, the Arlington Cemetery and its several historic national monuments all of them in close proximity to the national mall. Thanks to the over 175 foreign embassies, the world bank and several renowned universities which are part of the city, Washington D.C. has a very cosmopolitan populace with restaurants and eateries catering to very palate.
Washington DC

Is it too late to buy travel insurance for Washington, DC?

Better late than never ! It is never too late to buy travel insurance unless you are hoping for insurance coverage for an incident that has already occurred, in which case it will be considered as a pre-existing condition and will not be covered. As long as the travelers is fine, and no adverse condition regarding the travel has already occurred, one can buy Washington DC travel insurance online to insure all future accident or illness.

What is the cheapest travel health insurance for Washington DC?

The cost of Washington DC health insurance is directly proportional to the plan medical maximum coverage and is inversely proportional to the deductible on the plan. In other words, the higher the travel insurance plan medical maximum the higher will be the cost, while the higher the plan deductible, the lower will be the plan cost.

US Immigrant health insurance for Washington DC

The Trump administration has introduced new rules which are effective from November 2019 and will impact new immigrants to the United States. To reduce the burden on the US hospitals, health care system and US tax payers, the US government has made it mandatory for new immigrants to have adequate health insurance for applying for the US visa. It is therefore recommended to buy good immigrant insurance for travel to Washington DC

Visitors insurance with pre-existing conditions coverage for Washington DC

Most older travelers visiting Washington DC are likely to have some pre-existing medical conditions. It is important for older travelers to buy visitor insurance with the best coverage for pre-existing conditions. While many travel insurance plans do not cover any pre-existing conditions, some visitor medical insurance plans provide coverage for acute onset of pre-existing conditions. To be defined as "acute" means that the condition is severe enough to life or lifestyle that it must be taken care of right away and cannot wait until returning to one’s home country. Senior citizens should understand these definitions well and buy the most appropriate visitor medical insurance covering pre-existing conditions for their needs.

Popular tourist destinations in Washington DC

Buy travel insurance for Washington DC
The Lincoln Memorial

At its center 19-foot marble statue of a seated and pensive President Lincoln surrounded by 36 columns, one for each states existed at the time of Lincoln's death.

Buy visitor insurance for Washington DC
Washington Monument

The 555-foot white shaft of the Monument is a familiar icon of National Mall, a beautiful sight, especially when mirrored in the long Reflecting Pool at its foot.

Washington DC travel insurance
National Zoological Park

It consists nearly 2,000 different animals, birds, and reptiles live in habitats replicating as closely as possible their natural environments.

Travel insurance Washington DC
Thomas Jefferson Memorial

The design for the domed white memorial to Thomas Jefferson, the third US president, is based on the Roman Pantheon, its low dome supported by 54 Ionic columns.

Travel insurance for US citizens visiting Washington DC

US citizens and US residents should also consider buying trip insurance especially if they are traveling outside their home state. These trip insurance plans are designed for US vacationers with coverage for trip interruption, taking care of children, pets, and travel companions while traveling. They provide peace of mind while holidaying within the US.
These plans insure you in three ways:
  1. Cost of your trip.
  2. Unexpected medical expenses while on the trip.
  3. Loss or damage to your possessions.
The policies available for use by US citizens or US residents for trips within the US are:
  1. Round Trip Series offered by SevenCorners.
  2. iTravel Series offered by International Medical Group (IMG).
The Round Trip Series by Seven Corners is a three-tiered series of plans with good, better, best plan with Round Trip Economy, Round Trip Choice, and Round Trip Elite. There is an additional cost for the number of days which exceed 30 days, but you can have a trip last up to 90 days. There is also the optional coverage for loss of ski days and equipment and lost golf rounds and rental. Note that insuring a trip for $0 to $500 gives the same, lowest rate available.
Compare round trip insurance plans

The iTravel Series offered by IMG is also a three-tiered series of plans: Travel Lite, Travel SE, and Travel LX. The Travel SE has a nice benefit that children under 10 are "free" with a paying adult which can make it very affordable for family travel. Note that insuring a trip for $0 to $499 gives the same, lowest rate available for the plans.
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You can use our TRIP QUOTE COMPARE ENGINE to compare trip insurance plans.

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Washington DC travel insurance Claims Procedure

Washington, DC travel insurance online claims process for getting medical care in a hospital.

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Travel health insurance information

International travel Insurance for Washington DC residents

Long term Europe Insurance for US citizens from Washington DC

US citizens from Washington DC traveling to Europe for more than 90 days need to buy good Europe travel insurance having a minimum of 30,000 Euros medical coverage which is a requirement of the Schengen state consulates. Since healthcare in Europe is expensive, and since US domestic health insurance and US Medicare plans offer little coverage outside US borders, it is advisable for Washington DC residents to buy good Europe travel insurance for US citizens even for shorter visits of less than 90 days.

Travel Insurance for senior citizens with Medicare from Washington DC travelling abroad

US Older travelers having Medicare and travelling outside the US from Washington DC, need to be aware of the limited or often times no coverage outside US national borders. Older travelers are advised to buy medicare supplemental travel medical insurance to cover unexpected expenses from emergency sickness or injuries outside USA.

Globehopper travel insurance for older US travelers

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