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Travel insurance for visiting Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi - An Overview

Abu Dhabi residents travelling outside the UAE need coverage for medical emergencies. Travelers from Abu Dhabi traveling to foreign countries should buy proper travel insurance cover. US based insurance providers have designed travel insurance specially for international travelers in America or Europe. These insurance plans can be compared online at American Visitor Insurance. Get free visitor insurance quotes designed for overseas travelers and buy it online. These plans cover the insured for hospitalization, evacuation, repatriation... Choose a plan according to your individual needs.

Abu Dhabi is the second largest city of the United Arab Emirates in population and it is the largest of the seven member emirates of the UAE. Abu Dhabi is on the T shaped island extended to Persian Gulf from the central western coast. The population in the city is 9,21,000 approximately is the seat for the United Arab Emirates Government and the home for the Abu Dhabi Emiri Family and the President of the UAE. Abu Dhabi is a cosmopolitan metropolis is the country's center for political, industrial, major cultural and commercial centers since is positioned as the capital.
Travel insurance for Abu Dhabi

US residents visiting Abu Dhabi and UAE

US Domestic Health Insurance plans that US citizens have usually does not insure international travel. US Medicare which is applicable for older citizens also does not provide coverage overseas. It is therefore very important to have the right travel health insurance plan when US citizens visit a foreign country. Please check out our quote facility to review suitable plans for US citizens visiting Abu Dhabi. These plans cover emergency medical evacuation and cover unexpected sickness or injury.

What is the best visitor insurance for international travel ?

This is precisely the question that our entire website is dedicated to answering. We strive to be a one-stop shopping comparison site giving you a range of options for your travel situation. Do you want to insure your parents or other family members who are visiting the US? We can give you a range of excellent visitor medical insurance options! What is the value of a special cruise with your family? We can get you an ideal travel insurance plan. Are you a older traveller with well-controlled diabetic who is planning a vacation abroad? We have a plan that can set your mind at ease and cover whatever may befall you. Remember we have licensed agents that can assist you to in finding the right plan.

Is visitor travel insurance a good idea ?

It is definitely a good idea! Health Care can become highly expensive for visitors in countries like the US, where not having health insurance can take a toll on the medical expense. Having travel insurance can be a huge relief which comes in handy during any major unexpected sickness or injury while in a foreign country.

Popular tourist destinations in Abu Dhabi

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque
Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

The mosque fuses Mameluke, Ottoman, and Fatimid design elements to create a harmonious and thoroughly modern mosque that celebrates Islamic architecture.

Ferrari World
Ferrari World

This branded theme park brings the thrill of Formula One racing to Abu Dhabi and is one of the city's top things to do for thrill seekers and families alike.

Al Lulu Island
Al Lulu Island

Fabulous beaches, exotic blue water, beach activities and watersports contribute to make Al Lulu Island, one of the most popular tourist places in Abu Dhabi.

Heritage Village
Heritage Village

Abu Dhabi's Heritage Village is an authentic replica of a typical Bedouin village that gives visitors an idea of Emirati life before the oil boom. It's located in a pretty beach area.

travel insurance for visiting Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi - General information

Abu Dhabi Flag
map  Location

Southwest part of the UAE

house  Capital

Abu Dhabi is capital of UAE

language  Language


currency  Currency

United Arab Emirates Dirham

population  Population

Around 1 million

calendar  Best time to visit

Apr and May or from Sep to Oct

map  Vacation spots

heikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Abu Dhabi Corniche, Behind the scenes at Yas Marina Circuit, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, Yas Waterworld.

Emirates in UAE

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Travel insurance Abu Dhabi information


Travel insurance Abu Dhabi resources

International travel insurance resources for Abu Dhabi visa holders.

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Claims Procedure

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Travel health insurance information

International travel Insurance for Abu Dhabi residents

Travel insurance for Abu Dhabi residents visiting Schengen countries in Europe

The European consulates that are part of the Schengen treaty (Spain, France, Italy, Germany, ....) insist on adequate travel medical insurance for Abu Dhabi nationals who are visiting any of the Schengen countries. Nationalities who require Schengen visa.
We offer several travel insurance plans that satisfy Schengen visa consulate requirements: Get Quotes

Insurance for Abu Dhabi residents visiting the USA

Irrespective of the length of your overseas journey, you should make sure that you have adequate travel health insurance.
Medical treatment in the USA is great but also very expensive. It is imperative that you have health insurance that covers you in case of emergencies, covers hospital stays, emergency flight home if required.
You also need coverage for luggage theft and loss of baggage. If you have prepaid a large portion of your trip, trip cancellation insurance is a worthwhile expense.
A comprehensive travel insurance plan that covers all of these things will cost a small fraction of the total cost of your trip. We have travel insurance policies for people visiting US from worldwide. Please have a look at our plans by getting a quote by completing the form on our website.
travel insurance for UAE residents visiting USA
Trip insurance vs Travel health coverage vs Global medical insurance
Confused whether to buy trip, travel or global health insurance? Understand the differences!

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